Santa Margarita Chapter, NSDAR

Oceanside, California


With a focus on a variety of interesting topics and activities that promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism.

The Santa Margarita Chapter, NSDAR, is active in our community through service to our military and their families at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and our veterans at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in La Jolla. We promote education by honoring graduating high school seniors with the DAR Good Citizens Award, encouraging participation in the American History Essay Contest for students in grades five through eleven, and the Christopher Columbus Essay Contest for grade nine. We encourage literacy and U.S. Constitution understanding in local schools, present Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) medals to honor outstanding cadets, and support a fifth-grade class at the Kate Duncan Smith DAR School in Alabama. Members also support literacy through volunteer efforts in local classrooms.  We recognize and honor outstanding teachers of American history in our community schools, too.

Our meeting programs represent the many aspects of the NSDAR Motto: God, Home, and Country. We support our United States Constitution and all of its amendments, including the Bill of Rights, one of which gives us the right to worship as we choose. We will defend the right to free speech. We encourage the study of our United States Constitution. We are interested in the study and preservation of history. Many of our favorite programs and newsletter features highlight important people and events of our nation's past. We honor American Indians and their contributions with programs and highlights at each meeting. Women's issues, the care of women in need, the education of women, the discussion of issues of specific interest to women, and the study of women in our history and their accomplishments; are all important topics for our members.

If you are interested in serving your community, promoting education, and the preservation of our history, the DAR may be the organization for you. If you want to do this with other open, welcoming, and encouraging women, all of whom trace their ancestors to the American Revolutionary War and the founding of our country, the Santa Margarita Chapter, NSDAR, might be the chapter for you.

Step further into our website, see who we are and what we do, even better, contact us and come to a meeting, get to know us personally. We will encourage your quest for membership and your active participation in service to God, Home, and Country.



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